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Cara Bermain Ceme Online

There are many types of gambling bets, one of which is a card game that is played by many Indonesians. The card gambling game itself has many types ranging from poker, online ceme, checki, capsa stacking and dominoes. But what will be discussed from this article is a game that uses dominoes, where there is a game that is almost similar to the game, which is known as cheating or cheating. If you think both of them have the same? Or indeed different. So that you are not confused, let us consider the differences of the two games.

Get to know Ceme Online and Ceki Games
If asked about the online game with a short check, of course there are still many people who are confused. Therefore you should first understand what is the difference between the two. Ceme and ceki is a gambling game that uses dominos. Online game ceme first comes and can be played at the casino. The game Ceme has just arrived and has attracted attention, not only in Indonesia, but also in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, who are also fond of this game. No wonder if ceme online is one of the trusted sites.

Seeing the development of the ceme so quickly the casino began launching the latest version of the game ceme, which was a check in around 2015. It turned out that this game also managed to get a good reception from the public. Ceki also got various names in the world of gambling such as bookie Q, bookie 9, traveling game, and bookie games. Generally, it is played with 2 people and a maximum of 8 players. If there is no bookie on the table then the game of ceme and checki will not start.

Position of the Bandar
Even though they look the same, they have different rules. One of the rules that distinguishes the existence of the rules of the position of the dealer in the game online and ceme online atau ceme keliling is similar to other gambling games, where there is only one bookie and remains, while the chauffeur or cheating game you have the opportunity to become a Bandar because the role of the Bandar will go around to all players.

Being a bookie is one of the dreams of every player. But don't feel satisfied before being a dealer means you don't play. Both in the Bandar ceme online and ceme keliling dealers must continue to play against each player and may suffer defeat. However, to become a dealer you must have more chips because each gambling agent agrees that players who have more chips can become dealers, if you do not have chips in accordance with the provisions, the dealer will be given to other players who have chips in accordance with the regulations.

That's the difference between the two game ceme, for those of you who want to try your luck by playing it. Don't forget to first learn the rules of the game. Because there are also many tips and tricks that you can learn from the Internet in order to win the game.